Transformative ideas for a new energy future

From offering 100% renewable energy at no extra cost to co-creating your tailored solution with you. We cut through the complexity of the markets, technology and regulation to provide the support you need.

Do you think renewable energy is a passing trend?

27% of British businesses do. We were as surprised as you. In fact, our recent survey^ of British businesses uncovered all sorts of fascinating facts and figures. Download the full infographic to see what else we found.

^Research conducted on behalf of Haven Power, by OnePoll in July 2018. 1,000 Utility Decision Makers age 18 or over were surveyed

A better use of energy

From what it costs to how you get it, Johnny Ball gives you the lowdown on all things power.

What are you actually paying for?

Did you know that only 40% of your bill accounts for the energy you use? In out short video, Johnny Ball explains the elements your bill is made up of, and exactly what you're paying for.

From power station to plug

It starts with huge generators, travels to a distribution network and finally arrives at your sockets. Johnny Ball explains what energy goes through to give you power.

Can you make money from electricity?

You sure can. In fact, there are plenty of ways to make money from energy. To see how, all you need is 1 min 11 seconds and Johnny Ball.

How much energy could you save?

At a guess, probably quite a bit. And where there's energy to be saved, money is never far behind. Here's Johnny again with four great ways to save energy.

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"Haven Power had a strong commercial offer and was able to supply what we were looking for: renewable electricity... Since then, we've renewed twice because they manage the basics – including the complexities of our billing – very well, and support our day-to-day operations." Martin Bilton, Engineering Manager (Utilities), Gatwick Airport Limited

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